Family Practice

Dr. Anderson's goal is to assist individuals and families seeking optimal health, as well as assisting those individuals with acute and chronic illnesses. She does this through periodic health exams, laboratory testing, and designing treatment plans specific to the individual and their body's needs using naturopathic modalities. When needed, patients are referred to specialists according to their health care needs.

Nutritional Medicine

Many of the chronic health problems affecting people today are the result of poor diet and lifestyle choices. The foods a person chooses to eat can affect health negatively and lead to the development of illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, digestive problems, and obesity. Lifestyle choices, which include stressful jobs, use of alcohol/drugs, lack of exercise, isolation, etc can lead to the development of addiction, chronic fatigue, greater susceptibility to disease, etc. Dr. Anderson helps patients assess their diet and lifestyle choices, then makes suggestions regarding potential changes. Patients are supported and counseled through the process.

   Environmental Medicine

Our earth environment is no longer pristine after years of toxic pollution. These toxic exposures can lead to acute and chronic illness which must be diagnosed and treated before health can return.

Environment is both internal and external. Sources of toxic exposure include the food we eat, air we breathe, water we drink, medications we take. Our daily environment may also be conducive to increasing toxicity due to: noise, harsh lighting, stress, electronic machine fumes, and non-ergonomic work areas to name a few. Individuals can be affected by one or both environments. Diagnostic tests can be performed at the clinic to determine a patient's toxic load, and then a customized treatment plan will be designed for detoxification.

 Laboratory Testing

Blood and Urine tests:   To check blood counts, liver function, kidney function, blood sugar regulation, cholesterol and fats, thyroid function, and more, blood and urine samples will be procured from the patient during a routine visit and sent to the laboratory for results.

Adrenal Function Tests:   The adrenal glands produce hormones that help our bodies deal with stress. If the adrenals are not functioning properly, a person can experience many symptoms including: weight gain or loss, fatigue, depression, blood sugar regulation problems, muscle or joint pain, blood pressure regulation problems, sleep disturbances, poor circulation, and menstrual disorders. A salivary test is run on patients complaining of such symptoms.

Food Allergy Testing:   There is a 95% probability that people may be eating one or more foods toxic to their system. A simple blood test can reveal the source of many physical problems caused by foods.

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