In December 2010, after 7 years of owning and operating Anderson Natural Health Clinic in Kirkland, Dr. Anderson moved her practice to Snohomish. She has the best of both worlds, her practice and the great outdoors. In between seeing patients, she can spend time in her garden and playing with her beloved chickens. Summer is a fun time for patients as well, you can pick organic fruit and blackberries after your visit. Check out the gallery for some fun pictures.
     Dr. Anderson brings the professionalism you would expect from a doctor but also great care and guidance on your path to better health.


Dr. Anderson's goal is to assist individuals and families seeking optimal health, as well as those individuals with acute and chronic illnesses. She does this through periodic health exams, laboratory testing, and by designing treatment plans specific to the individual and their body's need using naturopathic modalities. When needed, patients are referred to specialists according to their health care needs.

 11/26/2012 .."Thank you for being so responsive - no other doctor works the way you do in terms of outreach and email response!!K.L. patient since 2004.

10807 159th AVE SE, Snohomish, WA | 360-862-1660